Al-Kharafi Global Company

Based in Kuwait, Al-Kharafi Global Company is the brainchild of founding owners Haidar Al-Naqeeb and Waleed Al-Kharafi. Its mission is to develop and operate multiple food services throughout Kuwait and neighboring Gulf countries where, in 2006, it celebrated its first ten years of operations. Kharafi Global’s interests include food service businesses in Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Dubai with a program of future expansion now planned for Jordan, Lebanon and Oman.

Al-Kharafi Global Company first entered the marketplace by franchising the Johnny Rockets hamburger concept in Kuwait. The Johnny Rockets experience provided a firm foundation for Kharafi Global’s future growth. The company has since evolved to develop additional food service brands including NINO, a casual Italian influenced restaurant and Bredz, an artisan bakery and café. Both, like Johnny Rockets, have since expanded throughout Kuwait and its GCC neighbors. In addition to the traditional Figs Bistro which was the latest addition to the Kharafi Global pouch.



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