RAID Recovery

Businesses require RAID, NAS or SANs storage server systems for storing their critical data.
The failures of such systems results in loss of data causing huge damages,
including disruptions to productivity, costly outages and downtime,
not to mention the financial devastation from such mishaps.

At Kuwait Data Recovery we understand this, so we have created a dedicated RAID data recovery team that has helped countless businesses,
both small and large, recover their data and get back to business as fast as possible.

Our dedicated team of RAID data recovery professionals can quickly assess the situation
in order to advise the best course of action for your specific RAID data loss.

Our team’s guidance will help you make the right decision for your business.
Our experience means we can recover data from all types of file servers,
application servers, web servers, direct-network attached RAID storage devices,
and SAN system failures, to name a few.

Our team’s expertise means we can handle even the most challenging data loss scenarios.
Bottom line is our in-lab RAID recovery services enable us to salvage your data quickly,
easily, and expertly, to get you back on your feet.

Any and all Disk Based RAID Failures:

No matter the size, configuration, operating system or platform of your enterprise storage system,
be it a multi-disk RAID array system, SAN, NAS or other multi-disk server system,
Kuwait Data Recovery highly qualified RAID data recovery engineers can recover your data,
even if all other means of recovery have been unsuccessful.

All Modern & Legacy Hard Disk Drives:

Our RAID data recovery engineer support and work on all disk based I/O interfaces,
IDE, SATA, SCSI, SAS  and FC (Fiber Channel) standalone or RAID array configured disk sets.

RAID Hard Drive Types:


Whatever is the Media type or RAID Configuration, we handle them all.

If you are having trouble recovering data from a RAID array, then you can rest assured that you have come to the right place. We are fully capable of recovering critical data, whatever the cause of failure. and our specialist RAID team and market-leading clean room facilities mean that you couldn’t be in safer hands.

there may be occasions where you need to recover data when disaster strikes; e.g.

Failed disk array controller
Two or more failed hard disk drives (HDD)
Unmountable boot volumes
Inaccessible file system
Both mirrored pair disks have crashed
Failure following a power surge
Errors made during attempting RAID rebuild

VMWare & Hyper-V Data Recovery Experts

Our VMWare, Hyper-V and virtual server data recovery experts are here to provide data recovery support
for all your VMWare or Hyper-V virtual machine recovery needs.
We can help recover from virtual server failed v-disk, physical hard drives,
failed or corrupted volumes and databases even when traditional data recovery
techniques have failed due to the encryption on the virtual hard disk.

The most common causes for data loss in a virtualized infrastructure are:

RAID and other hardware device failure
Deleted/corrupted files in virtualized storage systems
Fire/water damage
Accidental deletion or other loss of data
VMDK corruption

What You Should Know

VMFS, Hyper-V, and Virtualization data recovery can be more complex and tedious than traditional hard disk data recovery,
often requiring unique tools and specialized technique to understand and address database structures.
The fear of data loss has played a role in slowing the growth of virtualization for some who overlook
the amazing benefits that it offers. Never assume that corrupted or encrypted virtual drives are unrecoverable,
as our experts have extensive experience in recovering data from one or more virtual machines located on a virtual and physical hard disk.