WD Smartware Password Removal

WD Smartware Password Removal Service

We are proud to offer the WD Smartware Password Removal

Send your drive Locked, have it back Unlocked. (Kuwait Data Recovery) – Anwer Alkandri

Service Cost (from Outside Kuwait):

3000$ for WD Smartware 1-2 days Max.
4500$ for Buffalo Secure Lock 3-5 days Max.
Ref. Product link here

If you Never Locked/set your drive password, and you got similar message as this:
“Too Many Password Attempts – Locked Out” (usually with USB2.0 old types)
then you are also welcome. this will cost you 500$

Send your drive Locked, and have your Data Unlocked (copied to new drive)

If your drive is WEAK Heads/Bad sectors/Dead Head(s)
then Extra charge will be applied based on Lab work.

Head Problems estimated cost.
500GB – 1000$
1TB – 1000$- 1500$
2TB – 1000$- 2000$ (call us)

NOTE: Payment is FULL in advanced.

For Local inquiries please call our office.