Al-Babtain – Nissan Kuwait

Al-Babtain – Nissan Kuwait provides a range of models to suit various commercial and personal driving needs. Nissan’s robust range of LCVs can provide solutions for the issues facing transportation in today’s business world. For those wishing to experience the Nissan SHIFT_from the ordinary, Nissan provides the full range, from sleek coupes to rugged SUV’s.

For Nissan owners, 8 service centers and 13 spare parts facilities are conveniently located throughout Kuwait to ensure convenient access to Nissan’s renowned customer service representatives and automotive technicians.

There are two main showrooms in Al-Rai and Ahmadi, as well as extensive network of additional showrooms around Kuwait for those wanting to learn more about Nissan. With Nissan Al-Babtain it’s easy to SHIFT_ to the Nissan experience.

A shift is both an invitation and a challenge. A challenge to open your mind to whatever feels unfamiliar. To ask questions different from those everyone else is asking. At Nissan, we’re asking these very questions everyday. The result is a line of vehicles that represents a pure, uncompromising SHIFT_ from the ordinary.



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